Monday, July 28, 2008

Vacation's Over...

We visited North Carolina's Outer Banks twice this summer, once in June and then again in July. Preston thoroughly enjoyed the sand and surf this year, Pierson was less impressed. During our most recent stay in Corolla, we were amazed how overly crowded the beaches were. We've never experienced this problem in the Outer Banks before. Not sure weather is was our location (large subdivisions) or the super peak week or perhaps a combination of the two, either way, it made staying at the pool more desirable at times. This was our 5th year traveling as a group with 3 other families, all together there were 19 of us and only 8 adults. That may sound gut-wrenching, but it really wasn't that bad...only 8 of the youngsters were under the age of 7 :) This is actually a trip we look forward to each year, everyone has a blast. We had a professional photographer ( come out and do family photos on the beach one evening. This was great, can't wait to see the moments she captured. Stay tuned for links to the pictures.

The summer is slipping away like sand through my fingers. Sometimes I find myself complaining about the heat and humidity only to realize soon it's going to be freezing and I'll wish I had these warm days to play outside with the kids.

So, the vacations are over, it's back to reality and the countdown for college. Brittany leaves for Longwood in less than 4 weeks, we're way behind on preparation. I think this is largely due to the fact that I don't want to address the issue that she's really leaving. Can anyone blame me?

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