Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Poythress Pod and The Evans Entourage

Geez...seems like every weekend this summer was packed with activities. We finally made it down to Greensboro this past weekend to visit with the Evans Entourage. We had fun just hanging with the crew, we're easy to please. We chatted, played with the kids, chatted some more, fed the kids, more chatting, napped the kids, snuck out for some shopping (just the girls--don't worry, Luke and Danny had their own male bonding time over wings and beer), put the kids to bed, returned to chatting and started all over again! Mara amazed us with her vocabulary and story telling skills. Campbell played trucks with the boys and amazed us with his vocabulary (the special kind that he has when mommy gets more than a few feet away). Wish the Evans' would relocate to Richmond and make everyone's life easier!